Precision Medicine Interactive Simulation

What is PMIS?

PMIS is the first interactive simulation platform on clinical and molecular data-combined analytics for training medical students and healthcare professionals in the adoption of Precision Medicine.

PMIS is developed by Medical Simulator, under the scientific leadership of Fernando Vidal-Vanaclocha, MD Universidad George Washington.

"PMIS provides an advanced learning system on Precision Medicine Analytics with the help of interactive simulation technology"

PMIS teaches healthcare providers to interpret extensive molecular biomarker panels in the context of clinical data and digital imaging

Fernando Vidal-Vanaclocha, MD

Professor of Molecular Medicine, George Washington University, Washington-DC
Chief Science Officer, Persona Biomed Inc., Alexandria, VA

Educational goal

PMIS educational goal is to reinforce confidence in the integrated use of clinical information and multimodal radio-pathological and molecular digital imaging, with that obtained from molecular and genetic multianalytic tests and from sensor devices providing real-time digital biomarkers, for the achievement of a precision diagnosis, facilitating individualized treatment of patients.

General Examination
Laboratory Examination
Clinical Examination
Molecular Biomarkers

What does PMIS offer?

The interactive simulator PMIS offers a broad panel of tests for the clinical, radio-pathological and molecular analytical examination, which the user must select to achieve an accurate diagnosis with the classification of patients by pathogenic and pathophysiological subtypes, and then indicate the most adequate therapy.

Every selected test has a cost/effectiveness ratio and a diagnostic accuracy Odds ratio. Both are used by PMIS software to evaluate user’s performance in terms of diagnostic-therapeutic precision and cost-effectiveness.

How does PMIS work?

PMIS offers the examination of anonymized real patients, whose diseases were produced through multiple pathogenic pathways, and involved a broad spectrum of pathophysiological and evolutionary patterns and treatment responses.

PMIS allows to better understand through the simulated examination of patients that diseases can involve different molecular biomarkers and can have distinct gene and molecular expression profiles that may indicate a different therapeutic option for each patient.

What is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine is an emerging clinical field that integrates our growing molecular and genetic knowledge of disease with the patient’s clinical information and digital technologies of radio-pathological diagnosis and multimodal imaging, for the achievement of a successful healthcare, focused on the individualized treatment of patients, and not of the kind of illness they suffer.

The potential of precision medicine for improving healthcare outcomes and its cost-effectiveness ratio is widely recognized; but there are important challenges for its adoption which require urgent educational and bioinformatic actions at this time of transition towards precision medicine.”

Fernando Vidal-Vanaclocha, MD

Professor of Molecular Medicine,
George Washington University, Washington-DC

Chief Science Officer, Persona Biomed Inc.,
Alexandria, VA

The project “Precision Medicine Clinical Simulator-Analyzer (PMIS™-PMCA™) for the interactive analysis and diagnostic complementation of COVID-19 and its complications.” has been funded by the European Union -NextGenerationEU.

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